Wandering through a Laid-Back León: A Photo Essay

Chilling on a Mango Basket

León provides candy for the eyes. While drifting through the streets, I am constantly mesmerized by this city’s visual surprises.

For most of my life, taking pictures has not been of great interest.   A voice inside my soul has been telling me to try to focus on the moment, to not get caught up in the past or the future.  This is much easier said than done, but it’s still something that I wish to always strive for.

I’ve mostly felt that looking at photos is like living in the past, thus taking focus off of the most important time, the present.  Regarding photos, this has been my attitude up until now.

Since purchasing my camera less than two weeks ago, that voice inside my inner being has metamorphosed, or taken a 180 degree turn.

Walking around in a whole new surrounding, into stellar picture taking opportunities that pop out at me constantly, I’ve now found to be great fun.

Moreover, I’m a full-time travel blogger now, which means that I’m a photo journalist by default, as amateur as I may be.  Bear with me. When something is enjoyable, it can only improve.  My photo taking and manipulation skills  will get better.       ENJOY:

Fresh restoration for a tourist town.

Have I stepped into a time machine?

I want more.  This is a great sign.

The dusky sky above León.

Hard evidence of Spanish colonization.

More eye candy.

Pig skin and apron juxtaposed.

A makeshift convertible bus.

Keep a keen eye out when you drift the streets.

Georgeously trimmed tree.

Elections are right around the corner.

Cerro Negro: A volcano in the distance.



9 Responses to Wandering through a Laid-Back León: A Photo Essay

  1. earthdrifter says:

    Thanks! I’m guessing that people realize that my photos are posted as large thumbnails. Just click on the image to see a bigger and more vivid version.

  2. earthdrifter says:

    STONIE and DAVID: Thanks, well, these new cameras make it possible for even people like myself to take decent shots. I will keep improving my abilities. I had an amazing shot of two roosters tangling with one another, but something happened to it last night while I was in a party atmosphere in my hostel trying to work as the wifi doesn’t stretch to my room. Regardless, I won’t make that mistake again. Everything is a never ending learning curve.

  3. Great pictures. I think you’re a step above amateur. The pictures help us non-earth drifters feel more of what your feeling.

  4. Stonie says:

    The pictures are great!

  5. earthdrifter says:

    STACEY: I’m glad that Jacob and Joshy like the pics and are so curious. As for the buildings, the Spanish architecture was spawned by the religiously ruthless invasions of the conquistadors. This type of architecture is prevalent in cities all over Latin America. León is one of the more famous places for it though.
    As for the site, I feel as if it’s a serious work in progress. I can only plug away daily.

  6. Stacey Curley says:

    What a great site! The boys ask everyday to read about your adventures. They love the photos! They are amazed at how different the buildings are. We will have to show them on the map where you are as they have no concept. We all hope you are well!

  7. earthdrifter says:

    Thanks. Well, I’m not at all happy with the layout of those pics. WordPress is not allowing me to make them the size I want. I can get them either too big, or in this case, too small. I’m gonna work on that right now. Anyway, with today’s mind-numbing technology, we see that it is possible for an amateur to take some OK shots.

  8. cherryweird says:

    What beautiful snapshots of your adventure.

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