Jaipur’s Amber Fort: A Photo Essay

On my way back to Delhi, I spent a day and two nights in Jaipur.  During this ultra-short visit, I managed to squeeze in a plethora of photo exploration.

After drifting over to the stunning Amber Fort just before sundown,  I managed to snap a few shots just in the nick of time.

In hindsight, I should have gotten there an hour or two earlier as the place is an architectural spectacle.  Considering I was in India, this was hardly a surprise as the huge subcontinent is full of awe and wonder.

The Amber Fort was constructed in 1592 by Raja Man Singh and completed by his son Jai Singh. This Rajput architecture in made of red sandstone and white marble.  This stellar display is known for blending Hindu and Muslim elements.

The pics you see were all taken within a short half-hour span of one another.


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The Amber Fort is located 11 kilometers or 6.84 miles outside of Jaipur.  Ask any rickshaw driver to take you.  The one-way ride will cost about 200 Rupees or $3.89 at today’s exchange rate.  The ride takes about half an hour

The fort is open from 9 am til 4:30 pm daily.

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