A Letter to My 70 Plus Subscribers and Anyone Else Reading

Dear esteemed readers,

As you can see, things have changed a little bit.  You’ve been redirected to my exclusive domain and with that, a smoother theme and new host.

Things were supposed to go relatively smoothly, until they turned disastrous.  That’s an exaggeration.  It’s turned into something between disaster and perfect bliss.   I was overly optimistic about the change process, until Murphy’s Law came into play more than I’d expected it to.

It’s much healthier to live in the present tense, not the past, or the recent past when I spent far too much time searching for just the right theme or layout scheme.  It got to the point where I’d need to find someone to code exactly what I wanted, or just pick one of the fifty thousand themes that I came across.  Maybe that’s an exaggeration too, maybe not.  I finally picked one.

I’m happy with the new theme, there are little things that need to be fixed, and enhancements that need to be made.  That’ll happen over time as these small elements move their way up on the list of priorities.

Click on any image on the site and you’ll notice a flickr photo feature that continues to be enhanced.  I’m excited about it.

At this moment, there is virtual bliss.

Things are good except for one thing.   This is where I could use your help.   The email subscriber’s list from the old site didn’t pull over to this new one.  In the top right column you see an email subscriber box.  If you’d like to keep getting notifications of new posts through email, please sign up again.  If you’re not a subscriber, you’re more than welcome to sign up too.

For what it’s worth, every time someone subscribes, that will be another time that I smile.  The more we smile, the closer we come to bliss.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -

I’m off to the Middle East tomorrow.  The goal is to rejuvenate drifting dough through teaching, a form of interaction that I enjoy.

 A plan is to learn as much spoken and written Arabic as possible. 

 I hope to explore a whole new culture while figuring out how to live a healthy lifestyle and improve my personal culture.     Stay tuned!

12 Responses to A Letter to My 70 Plus Subscribers and Anyone Else Reading

  1. Juan Lison says:

    HI Mike! Everytime I get in here, I am just amazed by your traveling, your writing and all the things you’re are doing. it’s unbelievable! Good Luck on your new journey to the middle east and keep us informed as always!
    Juan Lison

  2. Annie says:

    Good luck with your new destination and teaching. Look forward to your posts. Stay safe!

    • EarthDrifter says:

      ANNIE: One thousand thanks! I’ll try to do my best. The safety concern here is being a pedestrian. The city I’m in wasn’t designed for walking at all, as gasoline costs next to nothing. Compared to our vast land, this place appears to be virtually crime free.

  3. Sandra Carroll says:

    Hi Mike, Looking forward to reading more about your latest venture. The new site looks great!

  4. Alberto says:

    Nice! The new theme looks great, and congrats on the new domain and the new earthdrifting adventure in the middle east. I look forward to reading about your impressions and experiences in the arab world.

  5. Hi Mike, congratulations on the new site, looks great. Haven’t been able to read your posts from China as they block wordpress.com sites, but looking forward to catching up now, especially as we are heading to South America in a month or so. The Middle East sounds fantastic, I wish you all the best with the teaching gig and look forward to reading all about it! Happy drifting :)

  6. Bummer that your subscriptions didn’t pull over! That seems odd – you’d think this was something that would definitely happen from going from wordpress.com to wordpress.org?!

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