People: Captured for the Camera in Colombia

In 2012 I was fortunate to travel through the Colombian Andes for the first two months of the year.  During this time, I came across many people.

After perusing through thousands of photos that I took during that slow journey, I decided to share the following ones with you:

Feel free to click on the images for a manual slide show.


Man and His Boy Being Pulled By Their HorseIn the sleepy little city of San Agustín, traditional life still exists.  This man somehow makes his living and gets around being pulled by his horse.

Girl Selling Fruit at her Roadside Stall in ArmeniaThis young girl is selling a tropical fruit called mana, a bland tasting fruit that is orange once it’s peeled.  It’s loaded with similar vitamins as carrots and squash. She seemed happy enough to pose after I bought a cup of this odd tasting fruit that was brand new to me.

Fruit Sellar in Medellin's Upscale El Poblado DistrictAfter flying into Medellín, I spent my first three days of the trip in the upscale district of Poblado.  Here, in Colombia’s second biggest city,  I remember being so happy to have such easy access to fresh, tropical fruit.

Fruit Seller in Downtown MedellínLike all tropical lands, it’s so easy to acquire fresh fruit in the streets.   I wonder how many hours a week this micro entrepreneur pushes his cart around the streets of downtown Medellín.

The Embassy Kiosk in Downtown MedellínI have no idea why someone would call a little snack shop La Embajada or The Embassy.  Maybe the name gives it a subliminal importance, in turn, increasing beer and snack sales.

Street Hawker Offering Various Grilled Goodies in Downtown, MedellínI spent a while shooting the breeze with this street hawker while drinking a street draft and eating her delicious corn on the cob, and grilled chicken with arepitas or small corn tortillas.

Cool Dudes Selling Hotdogs Somewhere Near Downtown MedellínThese guys were more than happy to pose for me while preparing massive hot dogs.  The streets of Medellín are a haven for street food connoisseurs.

Motorcyclist in Poblado, MedellínColombia is a dream for motorcyclists as they can ride 12 months out of the year.

Finishing Dinner at a Home in the Village of VirjiniaHere I had the wonderful privilege of being put up for three nights in the tiny village of Virjinia, by the same people who took me hiking in Salento.   These guys wouldn’t take any handouts.  I just insisted that they let me buy the food that we ate.

New Friends in CaliThis photo was taken during a night in Cali.  The four of us shared beer and danced salsa for many hours.  In Cali, dancing salsa is like drinking water, eating and tying your shoes.  Cali is the salsa capital of the world.  They had amazing patience for me, the beginner.  The middle finger shot is nothing malicious, actually, it has to be the friendliest middle finger I’ve ever received. Capturing the text above wasn’t intentional but I find it to suit the photo. Arte obviously means art while rumba translates to party.

Through the Rainy Glass Somewhere in MedellínThis one features two young women heading into the rain after a shopping excursion.  I barely remember taking it somewhere on the streets of Medellín. Considering  seven of these 11 photos were taken in Medellín, we can safely assume that it’s a photogenic city.

Which is your favorite photo?

17 Responses to People: Captured for the Camera in Colombia

  1. Ayngelina says:

    I loved this small town too, such amazing people.

  2. I miss the fruit stands of Colombia.

  3. TheTuscan says:

    The last one is a great shot. However, I prefer the one with the teen selling fruit. With the colorful food in front, it’s like she’s saying “eat this healthy stuff, and you’ll be young, happpy, and full of life as I am”.

    • Mike says:

      TUSCAN: That reminds me, the people down in Colombia seem to have great skin. Perhaps it’s because of fresh fruit being ubiquitous, inexpensive and consumed often.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Those corn on the cob are HUGE!!
    Were you any good at salsa? I tried in London and was terrible!!!

    • Mike says:

      REBECCA: A few drinks made it more doable for me, and probably enhanced the patience of my teachers. I think it would take some time and serious practice to get good at. But you or I could never be like these Colombians as they’ve been doing it since they were learning how to walk. :-)

  5. People watching is my favorite activity so thanks for the post, feeling like I was there w/you

  6. Sandra Carroll says:

    Jumbo corn on the cob and hot dogs. I cannot help but wonder what was in those dogs… I’m sure you didn’t partake. LOL

  7. Mamma says:

    I think the last one ought to be put up in an art gallery.
    Thanks for them all!
    Love, Mamma

  8. Vicky says:

    Enjoyed the great pictures .

  9. Pru says:

    Great post – always a fan of the people photos. I like the last one especially, with the reflections in the glass.

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