Captured for the Camera: Saudi Sunsets

Me Riyadh Sunset

I’m a sucker for sunsets.  If I’m out and the sun’s going down, chances are I’ve got my camera ready, especially if there are clouds to compliment the daily crashing of our closest star.  If I don’t have a camera handy, I admire the sunset while making a mental note to remember the camera next time.

After just finishing an almost 11-month stint on the Arabian peninsula, I dug up the following sunset shots  that were taken throughout my stay.  Every picture comes from the inland, desert capital city of Riyadh, where I spent more than 99 percent of the 10 and two-thirds month stint.

Five sections of the sprawling city are represented.

Sunset From Workplace RoofThis sunset was shot on April 8 of this year.  It’s from the roof of the university where I worked.  Here the sun looks like a ball of fire about to melt into the urban desert horizon.

The above (top) photo was taken on December 2, of last year.  It’s also from the roof of the university.  As you can see, it’s not always hot.  It can get a little bit chilly during the short winter.

Urban Desert Sunset Amid Rare CloudsLike the photo above it, I like the mosque effect in the bottom right corner of this one which was also taken from the flat university rooftop on March 18 of this year.  Around the solstice is probably the best time to capture a Saudi sunset.

Extra Wide Sidewalk Under Granada SunsetTaken on March 28, of this year, this spot is right across the street from where I lived for about seven months, in the Granada section of Riyadh.

Fire Going Down BelowThese shabby grounds were also shot on March 28, just two minutes after and surprisingly a one minute walk from where I took the photo above it.

Construction in Front of SunsetThis one was taken last November 8 on King Abdulla Road near the intersection of Kalid Bin Walled Street in Al-Hamra.  The construction has long been completed and the road is now a slick and modern underpass allowing the vast number of drivers to quickly get through this part of the automobile-centric city.  While in this fast developing metropolis, you often feel like you’re on an endless construction site.

Urban Dusk This one was taken eight minutes before the photo above it.

Dusk SceneTaken just one minute before the photo above it, this scene sported a bit more traffic than the one prior.

Urban Desert SunsetTaken on October 30, of last year, this is King Abdulla Road near the intersection of Iban Turkey Street.

Al Nakheel SunsetThis one was shot on June 23, in the affluent Al-Nakheel neighborhood,  one week before I left Saudi Arabia.  As you see, this time of year there are no clouds in the scorching Arabian sky.

The Sun: A Ball DroppingThis one was taken on the roof of the university, way back on September 12. I’d been in the hot and dry urban desert for one month.

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14 Responses to Captured for the Camera: Saudi Sunsets

  1. lexy says:

    Beautiful sunset photos!! Just a few days ago I had some shots on sunset.

  2. Lovely shots of the sunsets! I don’t take good sunset shots myself. Somehow the pictures come out blurry.

    • Mike says:

      FREYA: Thanks! These were taken with a simple point and shoot pocket camera so my guess is that if you keep trying, try ‘sunset’ mode too, you’ll manage clearer sunset shots. Good luck! :-)

  3. There is nothing like a beautiful sunset. I think my favorite is the one of King Abdulla Road, stunning!

  4. Arianwen says:

    I love a good sunset too. Almost ran home for my camera yesterday when I saw the sky all red and orange behind a construction site. Seeing your picture of the digger I wish I had!

  5. Gorgeous! The clouds are perfect.

  6. Maria says:

    There is something spellbinding about sunsets and you’ve caught so many beautiful examples. #5 is my favorite – shabby grounds but that sunset is so striking.

    • Mike says:

      MARIA: Thanks! What I love is that every sunset, everyday, everywhere, is so unique and constantly in flux, and the lighting that time of day allows any camera to provide a potential stellar shot.

  7. Mamma says:

    Great Sunsets, I look forward to seeing you soon!

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