The Visual Paradise of Valparaiso

Windows and GraffitiValparaiso, colloquially known as Valpo, is one of the most visually interesting cities I’ve strolled around in.

The coastal hills, architecture and especially the endless graffiti, is a central Chilean spot that makes you feel like you’ve stepped into another dimension.

There are cities around the world that frown upon street art, but not Valpo. It strives to let people’s creative juices flow.

I think graffiti is nothing but aesthetic.  It allows people to express themselves through free thinking.  Freedom of expression helps humanity and society thrive.

When I write something and share it, it feels good.  I assume it’s the same for someone who’s able to convey thought on a wall.  The heartfelt potential is endless.

To me, some street art is wondrous.  Valpo gives us the chance to absorb the wonder.  The uniqueness of this city makes it a destination like no other.

Tram House and Clotheslines Graffiti.There are many colorful staircases.  Vintage trams roll down some roads. Houses appear stacked on one another.  But I didn’t see cars hanging from clothes pins.   An artist’s imagination is endless.

Side Wall GraffitiThis piece of art sits on a side wall next to a concrete precipice.  An attractive young woman with a long index finger is picking a wizard’s or wise man’s brain, literally. I love it.

Giant Over Valpo GraffitiThis piece of work is painted right outside of someone’s window.   Perhaps the artist  drew a picture of him/herself with the paintbrush in hand, over a depiction of the city’s homes.  This one is open to never-ending analysis.

OhWas this artist influenced by Munch’s “The Scream“?  Was the creator terrified of something?  I like how the graffiti contrasts with the bare bricks beside it.

Legs Standing OutIt takes a little while to notice that there’s also a torso and head to go along with the huge pairs of legs and feet.

Girls Cats GraffitiThe girls look like twins, or sisters at least.  Maybe we see pain, love and evil.  This one is wide open to interpretation.

Valparaiso Illustration GraffitiThis piece illustrates the architectural beauty of Valparaiso.

Pulse WorkshopPulso Taller means ‘pulse workshop’. Your guess is as good as mine.

At the End of an AlleyI see a think tree. This was  snapped at the end of an alley.  After wandering into this desolate zone, I remembered what happened in Bogotá and scampered out as soon as the photo was shot.

Four Living ThingsL to R: a sea land creature, a dog skeleton, a girl-martian hybrid and a pink piglet.  More graffiti in the background shows the prevalence of wall art in Valpo.

Flying City CharactersPerhaps the artist is imagining having the ability to fly.  I find this one to be surreal.

Vintage Building on a CornerThere’s no graffiti on this building (only on a shop door), as it’s being preserved for its vintage value.

Where I Stayed in ValpoThe blue house on the corner is where I stayed in Valparaiso.

View of the Bay at DuskThanks to Valparaiso being on the Pacific Ocean, the summer temperatures are perfect.  At least this was the case during my three days in this Chilean gem city.

Valpo has the nicest street art of any city I’ve visited.

What’s the nicest graffiti city you’ve been to?

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14 Responses to The Visual Paradise of Valparaiso

  1. Agness says:

    I’ve seen Berlin graffiti but this one is just incredible! Heads down to those who made it – such talented peeps!

  2. Arianwen says:

    I loved Valparaiso so much. It makes you think twice about graffiti! I thought it was beautiful and so interesting – like wandering through an outdoor art gallery!

  3. memographer says:

    Ohh, Mike, this post is so much pleasure to my eyes!! Great captures of colorful street art.

  4. Shing says:

    Wow this city is alive with street art!!I would love to stroll through these streets. Fantastic.

  5. Pru says:

    Awesome graffiti pics!

  6. traveladdict says:

    Wicked street art. Weird.

  7. Maria Falvey says:

    Wow Mike! These are like individual picture books. Great find.

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