Scenery From My Temporary Backyard

Nizwa From Above

In the course of about an hour, I was shown three similarly furnished, decent sized apartments. I was informed that I needed to choose one and move in the following day.  If I refused all three,

then I’d have to foot the bill for any future nights at the comfy, moderately priced hotel.  

I chose the apartment on the busy street solely because it was near the souq and the small downtown area.   As it was early evening and dark outside, I didn’t realize that there was an idyllic and picturesque neighborhood to be seen from my kitchen window,  with mountains just a mere 15 minutes by foot.

When I finally got around to venturing back there, I was happy to have chosen the dwelling that I did.

Massive Rock FormationsThis was a nice resting spot.  As I’ve yet to see any other hikers back there,  I sat alone, admiring these age old formations, while breathing in the clean, dry desert air above the small city.

A Rocky Makeshift TrailThere are no particular trails on the mountains behind where I live.  I have to make them up as I go along. 

Varying FormationsThe terrain changes quickly as I stroll up and around, trying to find a peak but to no avail.

A Rock Collector's ParadiseIt’s a rock collector’s paradise in some spots.

Rare, Somewhat Smooth TerrainHere the terrain is somewhat smooth.  But still, like in most spots, it’s important to be aware of ankle twisting potential.

Rocks Made For TreadingYou really feel like you’re one with nature up here.  The rocky terrain never seemed to end though. All I was able to see is mountains and more mountains in the distance.  Eventually my water supply starts to get low so I have to make my way back.

Looking Down at the City of NizwaNo matter which way I point the camera, the views tend to be spectacular.  My apartment is probably one of the little specs seen below.

Greatly Varied TerrainSome parts of the terrain are easier to tread than others.

A Challenging DescentThe descent would be much tougher than going up.  But, you just take your time and everything works out.   There’s nothing like spending a few hours in a unique natural setting.  So far I’ve been up in these mountains twice.  With the Omani winter coming, which they say is like a British summer, there ought to be some amazing hiking opportunities in store.

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Have you checked out the natural splendor of Oman?  If not, would you like to?

20 Responses to Scenery From My Temporary Backyard

  1. Agness says:

    It’s absolutely breath taking!!! :)

  2. Agness says:

    Wow, I absolutely love the view!! Brilliant!

  3. Arianwen says:

    It’s very arid! But it looks like a fun backyard to explore. I’m pretty sure I’d get lost if I went out walking there!

    • Mike says:

      ARI: Yes, arid is an understatement. :-) I did get a little bit lost but because of the lack of trees it’s doable to see a desirable direction to go in. Although, as the terrain lacks paths I did sometimes find myself in semi-compromising situations.

  4. memographer says:

    Quite a background, Mike! wouldn’t need a lawn mower for sure ;)
    Beautiful views!

  5. Freya says:

    Definitely a backyard with a view wow. I would love to hike around in there. I have never been to Oman but hope to get there one day.

  6. Hi Mike, I love the scenery from your backyard! I’d read that Oman has such incredible nature and diversed landscape. It’s the first time I read a blog that actually shows a sampler of its landscape. It’s spectacular and quite a stunning natural scenery for a city. I hope you get to explore more of the country and share them with us.

    • Mike says:

      MARISOL: Thanks so much! I’m not in the biggest or most sophisticated city on the planet but I do love the mountainous backdrop surrounding me from every direction daily. I hope to get to explore more too. :-)

  7. Wow, what a gorgeous backyard that is! No need for a gym membership with all that hiking at your disposal!;-)

    • Mke says:

      JESS: Yes it’s quite unique and there’s a soccer field (football pitch) in the little neighborhood that allows for jogging with mountainous surroundings. That’s another great reason to not need a gym.

  8. Shing says:

    I hope you were pleased with your choice of accommodation despite the pressure to make a decision rather hastily!

    I thought of you because my friend and I were talking about going to Oman, but now my plans changed for S E Asia.I was going to ask you to be our tour guide :D

    I love how the mountains don’t have path trails, it feels like it could have looked like this a thousand years ago.

    • Mike says:

      SHING: There are pros and cons to the place. Need to focus on the good things of course: it’s free (included in the job) and there’s a spare room for you and your friend/whoever comes to visit.

      As for being a tour guide, the goal is to be a tourist (maybe tour guide) on the weekends, but the job is sucking up the weekdays. SE Asia is more dynamic, more affordable and much easier for getting around, but Oman has its unique charm.

      Yes! There are ‘back in time’ aspects of this land for sure.

  9. Anwesha says:

    You could spend ages exploring your ‘backyard’. Beautiful. Looking forward to updates on your stay.

  10. Maria Falvey says:

    Beautifully rugged landscape. So much space to let your senses soar!

  11. Pru says:

    Cool desert pics – how awesome to have that right in your backyard.

    • Mike says:

      PRU: Thanks! This is exactly what I thought when first venturing out there. There are gorgeous mountains surrounding the entire area here, and even huge canyons close by from what I understand. I hope to make good use of my weekends here.

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