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Drifter’s High

Listening to birds chirp while sheltered beneath the Florida sun: The über-interesting, potentially amazing trip of a lifetime is looming much closer now.  In just a tad over half-a-week, I’ll be drifting along to my new earth, to a place I’ve never been, and really know very little about.

In the past, I’ve found newness to be awe inspiring.  Our minds, whether we realize it or not, tend to crave the unknown.  Exotic places can cause neurons to process on a quicker, smoother,  more exciting course.

A Day in the Jungle

Shortly after arriving in the exotic jungle village of Bukit Lawang where Orangutans and  monkeys roam freely, I met a couple of Dutch girls in my guesthouse. After talking for a couple of minutes, I agreed to join them on their one-day jungle trek the following morning.  The two nice, relaxed guides were than happy to have another paying customer.

Packing Light

Are you pondering upon what to pack?  Well, if you’re a backpacker and plan to be forced into roughing it unexpectedly now and then, packing light could prove to be a godsend.

It’s often that we witness backpackers with huge packs gnawing into their spines, while they perspire profusely, slowly moping up a mild incline feeling like they want to collapse.  Drifting or vagabonding ought not to be reminiscent of military boot camp.

9 Drifting Dreams

Upon wondering about how many super cool things there are to do out there on our vast and endless earthinfinite in respect to a person’s lifetime- I decided to attempt to use my wildest imagination in the hopes of coming up with some inspirational ideas.

We all know the old adage: Reality is stranger than fiction.  The following drifting dreams are indeed fiction.  However, there is a great chance that these unorthodox excursions have been done, or at least parts of them.