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Wild Art at the Museo de Bellas Artes in Córdoba

Alicia Girl With Hybrid Bird-Human

There’s potential world-class artistry to be found everywhere, and  Córdoba, Argentina’s cultural fortitude isn’t lacking.

Recently, I’ve  tried to make it a point to visit an art museum in every city I stop in.  I figured that sometimes I’ll get lucky and see something fantastic.  I thought this was the case in Gallery Two of  the Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes Emilio Caraffa.  Names can be long in Argentina.

The Calming Waters of Cacheuta

A Perfect Swimming Hole

Whenever I’m near therapeutic waters, I make it a point to visit them. The Cacheuta natural hot springs/water park in Mendoza was no exception.

Because many Brazilians, Chileans and Argentinians are on summer vacation, you’ll find many of the pools mobbed now, especially with Argentinians who love to relax and enjoy the therapeutic opportunities that their land offers.

In the Heart of the Atacama

In the Valley of the Moon

Until I’d bought my bus ticket to San Pedro de Atacama, I’d never heard of the oasis town where people live exclusively off of tourism.

I’d never been to a place where tourists appear to outnumber locals.

Opportunities to visit unique natural splendor abound. 

Marching to the Mirador in Moquegua and up Cerro Baul

Odd Pose Just Above the Base of Cerro Baul

I found myself in the mountain desert city of Moquegua in southwestern   Perú.

I’d noticed the sign pointing to the mirador, or lookout point, the evening before, so I ventured from my hotel room just after six am.

Rambling into the Colca Canyon

Early Stages of the Trek down to Sangalle in the Colca Canyon

The descent into the canyon started around midday.

The excitement of the new natural surroundings, combined with a bright sun, wilted my fatigue and altitude induced nausea.

I’d slept at 3,635 meters or 9,843 feet above sea level in Chivay the night before.  There I’d woken up dizzy, cold and nauseated. 

Breakfast at San Camilo

Three Rocoto Rellenos Stacked

If there’s one thing I love about traveling, it’s the ethnic food I find.

I get excited by new, interesting cuisine. 

If I’m in a place that’s known for a specialized dish, I feel joyous when coming across it. 

Seeing, smelling and tasting the food makes me feel good to be alive.

An Amazon Riverboat Cruise

The Boat or La Lancha Docked in Santa Rosa, Perú

I recently had my first cow and pig boat ride.

57 hours after departing the Amazon River island of Santa Rosa, Perú,  I arrived in the Amazon port city of Iquitos Perú.

The boat you see took me slowly along the exotic Peruvian Amazon.

Snacking on Ants in Santander

Me Eating Crunchy AntsUpon arriving in Bucaramanga, Santander’s capital city of a million people, I was under the impression that I’d get to try some sort of ant dish delicacy I’d read that the state of Santander is known for their unique cultivation of Hormigas Culonas or Big-Ass Ants, for human snacking.

In Bucaramanga, I was told that ants were out of season, that the harvest is in March and April. 

I had almost forgotten about this potential insect sampling opportunity when I arrived in San Gil, a much smaller city also in Colombia’s Santander state, just two and a half hours from Bucaramanga and on the road to Bogotá. 

Trekking in Tayrona

Remote Beach View on the Path to Cañaveral from Arrecifes

Parque Tayrona is a nature walker’s paradise.   It’s where the Caribbean meets the Sierra Nevada, the world’s highest mountain range that ascends from a sea. This is terrain where Pre-Colombian indigenous Kogis still live in a lush and varied landscape.

Magical Minca

Dusk From Los Pinos Above MincaUnaccustomed to the heat in the Caribbean sweat boxes of colonial Cartagena and Santa Marta, I wondered what I was doing down here.  Then I found Minca and realized that I’d discovered vibrations of utopia.