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Blowin’ Through Costa Rica Like the Wind

During my recent three-country Central American drift, I passed through Costa Rica rather quickly.

Due to the overabundance of tourism causing many locals to seem completely desensitized by the sight of foreigners, and prices seeming really high after coming from Nicaragua, I decided to limit my time in Costa Rica.

Ways to Stretch Your Drifting Dollar

Most of us don’t have the financial fortitude to travel long-term as  care-free spenders. 

During my last trip, there were many ways that I was able to cut costs.  I’d like to share a few of them with you:

Stay in hostels: They’re probably the cheapest bet around, especially for the solo traveler.  Couples can often fare better sharing a room. A private room, even if slightly more than double the price of one in a dorm, is often a better value.

Featured Accommodation: Hostal Palacios, Boquete, Panama

Often when I get off a bus in Central America, I have no idea where I’ll bed down. When I stepped off the old but functional US school bus, I was casually greeted by Pancho Palacios.  As the Boquete native had a bed or two available in his hostel, he was checking to see if I was interested in a look.

A Tranquil Panamanian Garden

I wasn’t expecting “Mi Jardin es su Jardin” (My Garden is Your Garden) to awe, inspire and surprise.  The abundance of colors, petals, buds, plants and trees did just that.

There’s a sizeable amount of space for wandering and gazing. I call this activity ‘mini-earthdrifting’.  There are little drifting trails where you can see lizards and fluorescent butterflies.

By Foot, Taxi and a Bus Ride

Upon arriving in Panama City about a week ago, using the local buses appeared daunting. The city was entirely new. Getting anywhere accurately without a taxi  appeared virtually impossible.

I’ve done my share of drifting on foot for hours and kilometers.  During these jaunts, my legs have felt the tropical-heat-induced soreness.  I  usually end up falling asleep for a bit upon returning to my hospedaje.

A Health Food Fiend’s Dream

While staying at the $35 a night Hotel Latino in Panama City, I bonded with the founder of Multi Polar Future.  We were both wishing for better wifi.

The connection there pretty much sucked as it was slow and only worked in the lounge downstairs until 10:30 pm, not in the rooms.

Because good wifi is crucial to me, I thought: So much for the Hotel Latino, even if they have a roof deck swimming pool that I’ve been able to take advantage of.

Succulent Ceviche in Panama City

In the last seven weeks, I’ve had Ceviche on Managua’s Malecón, in San José’s traditional market, and for two straight days now in Panama City’s Mercado de Mariscos.

From inadvertently Ceviche Hopping along half of Central America’s isthmus, I feel that I’m quickly becoming a Ceviche connoisseur.

12 Things to do on a Long Distance Amtrak Train

I’m Somewhere in North Carolina: I’ve recently boarded an Amtrak train in Richmond, VA.  I’ll be on this train for about 17 hours; so, I’ll need to perform as many different tasks as possible to not be in a hurry to reach my destination.  Instead of being in a rush, I’ll work on focusing only on the task at hand, and not my arrival time.  I’ll be engaging in the following activities for this ride: