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People of Bundi: A Photo Essay

I recently found myself in the lovely little Rajasthani city of Bundi, which sits between Udaipur and Rajasthan’s capital of Jaipur.

Bundi was on my way to Delhi, where I needed to get to in order to fly out of India, as my six-month visa was just about to expire.  Every guesthouse worker who inspected my passport and visa during check-in over my final two weeks, reminded me of this legality.

I spent two days and three nights in Bundi.   While there, I came across a lot of people.   Now, while perusing the photos and being reminded of the interactions that I had, it feels as if I’d spent a lot more time there.

Dental Tourism on a Delhi to-do List

Upon arriving in India’s mega capital this afternoon, I was on a mission to cross out items from my Delhi to-do list.

I’d scribbled the list down while on a shabby but efficient local bus from Jaipur this morning.

One item was to get my shoes shined or cleaned.  Before I checked into my hotel room, a boy had already approached me and shined my shoes for 20 Rupees or $.39.  I had to be firm with him about not putting new soles or stitching in.  If I hadn’t been explicit, he would have attempted to do more than shining. He would have tried to command an exorbitant price of 200 Rupees or more.   I knew this from past experience.  Shoes clean.

Cachori: Indian Breakfast Bliss

After walking through the area where guesthouses and their rooftop restaurants seem to occupy every other building, I took a left at the temple. 

Suddenly I’d removed myself from touristy looking surroundings.  In less than a minute there was nobody throwing out the endless:

Where are you coming from?”

A Visit to the Village of Vardha

Waking up at the crack of dawn has recently afforded some great early morning drifting time.  Sunrise is the best time for feeling optimistic.  The temps are nice and there are considerably less people around.

The sun was coming up yesterday morning as I crossed the pedestrian bridge of Lake
Pachola.  At the other side of the water crossing a disgruntled cow was trying to shake hay off of one of her hooves.

Fashionable Fruit Creations in Udaipur

While traveling in SE Asia and India over the last few months, a mantra has been popping into my head.  It’s not my own catch phrase though.

At the Backpacker’s Inn in Managua this past January, I spoke with a gregarious Canuck from Saskatchewan.  He was eating breakfast that he’d brought from home while we were chatting about healthy eating and exercise.  He had some sort of fiber-laden cereal concoction.  I said:

Is that healthy?  Is there sugar in it?”

I Smoked Shisha but Didn’t Inhale

After checking out of my Pune guest house today, I bought a Volvo bus ticket for tonight, bound for Ahmedabad in the state of Gujarat. There I plan to make another pit stop before continuing my journey farther north to the state of Rajasthan.

With about six hours to kill, I figured I’d try and find a spot where I could sip tea, eat, and jump on my computer.

I came across the Green Villa Multi-Cuisine restaurant. I figured that green must mean healthy.

Glimpses of a Gorgeous Goan Beach Hike

 I found myself at the top of north Goa, on Arambol beach.

Aside from textile and souvenir shops, a bunch of generic restaurants and idyllic beach stretches, I discovered an amazing hike. It was unlike any I’ve ever experienced.

The trek began at the main beach, two minutes from my 400 Rupee or $8.10 hotel room with fan and private bath. This is where the shower spewed out the hottest water and strongest pressure that I’ve had so far on this trip.

Train Travel in India: Some Pros and Cons


When I asked the man at booth number 52 about the prospects of a dining car aboard a long-day train, he answered:

“Yes there’s a car with food.”

I quickly assumed: It’s a day train.  Why wouldn’t it have a dining car?  Great!  I love to eat while gazing out at the countryside.

Buying the ticket was a cinch.  Unlike the score of other booths, this one was designated for foreign tourists. There were no other foreigners in line when I arrived.

A Day in Bombay

 The atypical day started with a focus on getting my on-the-move USB modem recharged, and to find a better value on accommodation.  The store wasn’t slated to open until 9am so I stretched, did push-ups and organized my meager amount of belongings as best as I could.

 -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -  -   -   -  -

 At around 9:30am I found the telecom shop that hadn’t yet opened.  I thought: I’m back in India.  Why did I expect them to open on time?  Take it in stride and head back later.

The Night Before a Day in Bombay

 The IndiGo Airlines flight was free of turbulence save for what lasted for a few seconds when we flew into the thick, dark, late monsoon clouds that were looming over Bangkok.

Then it was smooth air drifting for the four-and-the-half-hour flight from southeast Asia to south India.

Upon arriving in Bombay I was asked a couple of questions at immigration: