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A Mountain of Contrast

I’ve completely lost track of time.  I just consulted my digital calendar to realize that today is my 11th day in a country that possesses rich architecture, history and terrain.

The people, including those over 20 years old, who, at an earlier stage of their lives were forced to endure deadly civil strife, seem incredibly peaceful.

Stranded in the Middle of Nowhere at Sunset

Upon getting on the flashy school bus –yes, you’re looking at an old US school bus fancily painted- I specifically confirmed with the driver and the conductor that the bus was bound for Matagalpa.

After leaving León and very mildly ascending upward, I noticed that the scenery had become splendid. Mountains and volcanoes loomed in the distance. It was tough for me to make out as the bus’ windows were tinted. This made it impossible to see in from the outside, and oddly obscured the view from the inside as well.

A Couple of Virtual Must Sees in León

There are endless things to suck your time in this picturesque city. However, there are two sites that that I consider absolute must sees if you happen to be here.

Go to the rooftop of the Cathedral de León. This is the biggest cathedral in Central America and the second biggest in all of Latin America. It took 100 years to build.

A Day at the Beach Gone Awry

A Potentially Perilous Estuary

Earlier today I was on a mission.  My objective was to reach the Pacific coast and get into the salt water. For at least two-and-a-half years my skin has been deprived of the therapy that the ocean’s prodigious pool provides.  Actually, I can’t remember the last time I went in the ocean before today.

Ruthless and Rowdy Rooster Fighting

A Typical Sunday Activity

I decided to set out on an organized rooster fighting tour led by a Dutchman who runs the hostel I’m staying in. He’s lived here for four years and knows more about Nicaraguan culture than any foreigner I’ve met.

I was the only one who showed up so it turned out that I would accompany him and his parents on a non organized visit.

As I’m a pacifist by trade, I’d never thought about watching animals fight.  I’m not a fan of boxing, wrestling or ultimate fighting.  However, the ambience and culture was something to take in.

Needing a Fix in Scorching León

León is a unique place. It’s the cultural capital of Nicaragua and home to the biggest Cathedral and finest art museum in Central America.  The museum surprisingly rivals those of champion Europe.  This is what I’ve heard and read.  I plan to visit it soon.

Wandering through a Laid-Back León: A Photo Essay

Chilling on a Mango Basket

León provides candy for the eyes. While drifting through the streets, I am constantly mesmerized by this city’s visual surprises.

For most of my life, taking pictures has not been of great interest.   A voice inside my soul has been telling me to try to focus on the moment, to not get caught up in the past or the future.  This is much easier said than done, but it’s still something that I wish to always strive for.

Getting to Know the Managua Taxi Scene

Almost all of the taxi drivers I’ve come across so far have been super nice, and have absolutely loved talking to me about the their relatives in the United States, my travels, Nicaragua, and their beloved city of Managua.

In just a day and a half, I feel that I’ve become a pro at haggling with these men. The one slight mistake I’ve made only cost me about US $.50 more than I should have paid; so, I’m very happy with my street negotiation skills so far.

A Feeling of Disparity

Upon strolling around a sultry Managua, a city not conducive to walking, I found people apathetic and indifferent to me. Nobody seemed to be too interested in conversing.

Upon returning to my hostel, hotel or inn, (I’m not sure what you call it), and telling a couple of people that I’d just drifted around aimlessly, I was told that I was brave.  I didn’t walk along any strange looking side streets, so I didn’t feel that I was being all that courageous. Regardless, this is a driving city that is much more safely explored in a taxi, especially at night.

The Demise of an Itching Lull and Two Other Surprises

After reaching Florida, my irritating, dry and itchy skin from the harsh northern winter so pleasantly found its way off of me. Heading due south, much closer to the equator than I’ve been in a long time, I couldn’t imagine that there would be more itching.

Spirit Air is an amazing value. Their slogan is: The first airline to provide ultra-low fares in the Americas.