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Alumbrados: Lighting up the Night in Medellín

While on my way across a small stretch of the city, a man on the metro asked:

“¿Sabes Exposiciones?”

No tengo idea.”

Five Signs From Mumbai

I haven’t published a signs post since Signs Of India a while back.  In total, Five Signs From Mumbai will be only the fourth signs post.  My favorite remains the first one: Signs of Nicaragua.

I still love to read signs and snap shots of the ones I like, seem interesting, or have the potential to look good in a picture.

During my  day in Bombay, I managed to snap a few pics of signage.  Here are five of six that I deemed worthy of sharing.

Jaipur’s Amber Fort: A Photo Essay

On my way back to Delhi, I spent a day and two nights in Jaipur.  During this ultra-short visit, I managed to squeeze in a plethora of photo exploration.

After drifting over to the stunning Amber Fort just before sundown,  I managed to snap a few shots just in the nick of time.

In hindsight, I should have gotten there an hour or two earlier as the place is an architectural spectacle.  Considering I was in India, this was hardly a surprise as the huge subcontinent is full of awe and wonder.

Bundi’s Main Attraction

I really liked the ancient municipality of Bundi.  One reason for this was the wonderful interactions I had with a few of the people there.  The other was for its main attraction, the Garh Palace and Taragarh Fort.

I started with the Garh Palace.  Because I arrived early, just after they opened at 8am, there were hardly any people.  At the palace, I only came across one maintenance worker and two other tourists.  This gave me lots of free space to gaze in awe and take photos.

People of Bundi: A Photo Essay

I recently found myself in the lovely little Rajasthani city of Bundi, which sits between Udaipur and Rajasthan’s capital of Jaipur.

Bundi was on my way to Delhi, where I needed to get to in order to fly out of India, as my six-month visa was just about to expire.  Every guesthouse worker who inspected my passport and visa during check-in over my final two weeks, reminded me of this legality.

I spent two days and three nights in Bundi.   While there, I came across a lot of people.   Now, while perusing the photos and being reminded of the interactions that I had, it feels as if I’d spent a lot more time there.

Glimpses of a Gorgeous Goan Beach Hike

 I found myself at the top of north Goa, on Arambol beach.

Aside from textile and souvenir shops, a bunch of generic restaurants and idyllic beach stretches, I discovered an amazing hike. It was unlike any I’ve ever experienced.

The trek began at the main beach, two minutes from my 400 Rupee or $8.10 hotel room with fan and private bath. This is where the shower spewed out the hottest water and strongest pressure that I’ve had so far on this trip.

Random People of Chiang Mai: A Photo Essay

Of the 339 photos that I sifted through a few days ago, I didn’t make use of the best ones exclusively for the previous post.  I also used pics from that collection in the wats, massage, and fish spa postings.

I hate to be the ugly tourist who forces people to be in pictures.  Not everyone likes to have their photo taken.  That doesn’t seem to hold true in India, where people ask you out of the blue to take pics of them and you.  But this wasn’t India anymore.

Chiang Mai: A Photo Essay

While sorting through exactly 339 photos taken in Chiang Mai, I came across six outdoor day pics that I thought to be worthy of posting.

Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Wats of Chiang Mai: A Photo Essay

Chiang Mai is loaded with wats or Buddhist temples. There are said to be over 300 of them in the relatively small city. They provide visual pleasure for travelers who make time to stop and gaze in awe.

When walking past temples or into their complexes, I couldn’t help but pull out my camera on many occasions. During my three weeks in Chiang Mai, I probably snapped around a hundred shots of these architectural wonders.

North India: A Photo Essay

As I’ve recently spent a plethora of time going through ridiculous amounts of India photos in my comfy guesthouse room in northern Thailand, I’ve been on a photo posting tangent.  I recently put up my favorite snapshots of photogenic people.  I also provided you with pictures of interesting signs that I came across during six weeks on the sultry subcontinent.