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Perú: A Desirable Drifting Destination

 In September of 1999, just two months after hiking the Inca Trail and getting a brief introduction to Perú, I managed to secure two more weeks of vacation from my job.

I wanted to visit a land where I’d never been.

My Portuguese coworker had recently come back from his first trip to Brazil.   As he speaks the native European version of the same language, he’d had a wonderful time.  He also had a Brazilian friend who ran a travel agency.  Through this friend, I was able to secure a round-trip  ticket from Boston to Rio for a mere $400.  My next travel target was a no brainer.

Pre-Paid Phone Chip Folly in the Land of the Incas

In all my travels, this is the first trip that I’ve carried around a workable phone. I have phone chips for Colombia and Ecuador.  In Medellín I had my phone internationalized and then added minutes to a chip and recharged as needed.  All went super smoothly.  In Quito, I bought a chip and ditto, no problems.

I purchased a movistar chip after arriving in my first Peruvian destination, the surfer’s resort of Mancora.  The phone worked twice while I was in the city of Chiclayo.  Then while in Trujillo, I tried to make a call but it didn’t go through.  I sent an email to a friend asking to try to call me.  I got an email back saying that the call didn’t work.

I was bedazzled.  I’d only made one call, the other was received so it was free.  There was no way that I’d used up my minutes.