Portrait of me with a surreal landscape at the Tatacoa Desert, Villavieja, Colombia.


My name is Mike. I’ve been earth drifting on and off for almost three decades (most of my adult life).

I’ve spent the last year and a half bouncing from Thailand to Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. Before that I spent six weeks in Guatemala’s southern highlands.

Prior to Guatemala I spent close to a year in tropically-abundant Colombia, where a good chunk of time was in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains of Magdalena, in an idyllic, eco-friendly, nature town.

Prior to that, I spent a few years in northeastern Saudi Arabia, where I was super-fortunate to have a university English teaching position. For me, teaching at a university is the best job on the planet.

Working in KSA allowed me the means to explore the tropical, coastal and rugged piece of earth, which is colossal Colombia. Mixed in to that was a few weeks of Ciudad de Mexico and Oaxaca, a hint of what appeared to be a magical Mexico.

Between teaching posts, I was able to travel along distant and high stretches of South American terrain. And during copious short breaks from the Arabian peninsula jobs, I had the planet-prancing ability to jaunt to exotic Egypt, surreal Sri Lanka and Himalayan Nepal. I even spent 30 hours in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The Arabian peninsula is smack-dab in the center of our drift-worthy, diverse earth.

In addition to teaching in Saudi and Oman, I lived and taught in Japan and Norway after working in a few administrative positions where I’m originally from, eastern Massachusetts, US.

I believe that trying to learn the language of the country you’re in, is a super-fun endeavor. I can’t spend extensive time in a land without trying to tackle its tongue to an extent.

This site provides insights on efficient ways to learn languages, like Spanish, because I believe that alternative communication ability expands brain capacity and enhances awe and wonder.

Me, the chef and a huge plate of raw vegan Turkish food at Neven Turkish Restaurant, Hafr al-Batin, Saudi Arabia.
Me and the chef at Neven Turkish Restaurant, Hafr al-Batin, Saudi Arabia.

Visiting different sections of our mammoth sphere has inspired an innate fondness for real, whole, live, tasty food. I believe processed or partially fake food limits people by driving them further away from a fuller existence. I aim to explore ultra-healthy eating. Sabroso y saludable. Delicious and nutritious.

Philosophy, psychology, open-mindedness, pluralism and limitless growth potential are this blog. Earthdrifter is a travel wellness blog that allows me to document insights and ideas through the infinitely rich avenue of writing.

UPDATED: May 5, 2024.

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  1. Hi Mike, I’m judyh4012 on the isc.ro scrabble site. I couldn’t respond on Messenger. I have an antiqued android phone, it doesn’t know how to do anything. Be safe out there!

  2. Hello Mike, my name is Karen Monsen from Beverly Hills, FL (Citrus County). Yesterday, I learned about your blog and I have been reading it. I am enjoying the pictures and information that you have so generously shared. I particularly learned alot about jet lag and appreciate your suggestions for getting through the time zones.

    I hope you get this note. I will also send it via email.

    Most Sincerely,
    Karen Monsen

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