Implementing intentions for wellness ubiquitous, lush greenery in Minca, Magdalena, Colombia in the foothills of the surreal Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains.

Implementing Intentions for Wellness

Whether in a static location, on the road, or somewhere between, if a person is implementing intentions for wellness, they are living a full, productive, passionate existence. Boredom is never a feeling.

I mentioned how I would like to volunteer time on a Colombian finca. There are places where a person can work the land for food and a humble dorm bed, while living in the country and learning about the land. The reply I got:

Oh yeah, that’s a great way to keep yourself busy.

I thought:

Keep busy? There are only 24 hours per day. The aim is to sleep seven or eight of those. That leaves 16 hours.

Infinite Possibilities

For me, the day’s possibilities are endless. There’s more to do than I can fathom. This includes food prep, sleeping, organizing and exercising. There are a boatload of other possibilities depending on the person and their passions, interests, and family life, etc.

Before I know it, the day is finished and there are a million things I could have been doing, like figuring out ways to customize this web presence, writing, reading something miraculous, stretching/yoga/breathing focus, and meditating, the latter being the most challenging.

Working the land could provide incredible knowledge about earth in the tropics.

It seems that anything we can think of contains an infinite realm. Whatever a person is doing has unending potential.

Implementing intentions for wellness selfie on a path in the very small mountain town of Minca, in Magdalena, Colombia.
Representing our enthralling earth on a path, Minca, Colombia.

You can wipe the word boredom (aburrimiento) from your language arsenal. It does not apply. There are too many possibilities on this enthralling earth.

Whatever it is you need or want to do, there is no reason not to motivate. Organizing motivation helps.

PERONSAL RULE: If I tell others I will attend, then I have to make it a priority. This works well with crack-of-dawn yoga classes at Sonido Selva.
WELLNESS TIP: Yoga is best first thing in the morning as it sets an incredibly positive tone for the rest of the day. While breathing is heavily focused on, yoga can be also be a good physical workout.

I have taught many English classes at 8 a.m. As a student, attending early classes is great since the morning tends to be when the mind is freshest. This initial motivation can provide positive momentum for the rest of the day.

Setting Intentions and Rules

Put what you have to do in front of you (if possible). For instance, cutting nails. If I notice that my toes or fingernails need clipping, I put the clipper out where I can see it. That way it’s right in front of me, causing it to get done on autopilot since that rule is embedded in my being. If I put something in front of me, I must do it. It eventually became subconciously automated.

A fist pump after completing even a tiny task like this, can add extra positive energy and momentum to every forthcoming moment. This sets you up for more of the same going forward. Make everything you are doing fun.

Make your bed right when you get up. This simple act can provide a base for motivation throughout the entire day.

Drink a couple of glasses of water first thing in the morning. One of the first things I do is drink as much water as possible, ideally a couple of glasses. This wakes the organs and the rest of the body up while aiding in bowel action. It helps to put a glass somewhere you will see it when you get out of bed.

Implementing intentions for wellness avocados from the Dunarinka Hostel overlooking the Caribbean and Santa Marta in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains
Avocados: an excellent food choice, outside the Dunarinka hostel, Minca, Colombia.

Try not to eat until noon or later. I don’t manage this every day, but it is typically what I should shoot for. This is a personal rule that becomes super easy, fast. Daily, I like to strive to eat in a four-hour window. This gives my digestive tract, stomach and the entire body a 20-hour rest from processing food, and paradoxically, this non-eating creates more energy. Sometimes after I eat I think:

I felt better before I ate.

This has been the case even after a 20-hour or more rest from food.

If I want to set a half hour or hour to reading, ideally in a hammock, I utilize my old Nokia phone’s alarm clock. When the alarm goes off, I have completed my consistent reading goal. If I feel like I am able to make the time, there is the option to continue reading.

WELLNESS TIP: There is nothing wrong with dosing off in a hammock, sofa or bed while trying to read. Short naps are usually beneficial as they rejuvenate the immune system.  People who take naps or siestas are sometimes looked at as lazy, when in reality, they are smart. Things are sometimes the opposite of what we think.

There are more habits, rules and intentions I would like to continue employing. The goal is constant baby steps. Accept setbacks because they are part of the journey. And enjoy the great improvements, efficiency and overall wellness that is created and enhanced by implementing intentions for wellness.

Are there any personal rules or intentions that you have been successful with? Feel free to leave a comment below.

Here is the full collection of photos from Minca, Colombia.

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